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North Ocean

The North Ocean is a large sea, on the northern coast of the Southern Continent, and continuing into unknown lenghts. The islands that exist all over the ocean near the continent are grouped together to form the Eastern Islands.  


The climate on the ocean is mostly tropical, turning into subtropical near the coast. The warmth produces heavy monsoon rains, producing lush tropical islands, and plentiful winter rains to the continent.  

eastern islands

The Eastern Islands a group of islands located relatively close to the continent. They do not form a natural archipelago, but are grouped based more on the culture. All Eastern Islands are mainly populated by the Zeribians.  


To the Zeribians the Ocean is their home and livelyhood. The ocean connects their seemingly isolated settlements into tightly knit network of trade and family relations. Zeribians never want to go far from the ocean, and feel uncomfortable if they spend much time in the inland.

Farens rarely travel far to the sea. Many Faren settlement are on the coast, but they are afraid of the large expanse of unknown size. Their ships are not good for travelling large distances on the open ocean without stopping for the night. Farens are afraid of drowning, because it would mean that their spirit would have to spend the rest of it's existance alone in the bottom of the ocean.
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