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Time of Wander (shoulders of giants competition)

The Wanderers, or Nem (Faren language): çelndár, were a historic people that lived deep in the Time of Wander before the first human civilisations rose to their glory. For the most of their existence they were ruled over by the Stone Giants, who were terrible tyrants, but also taught much of their ancient wisdom to the early humans. In time the Wanderers would become the ancestors of the Farens and the Ara people.  

Famous individuals

Daursan and Kauteirin, the heroes of the Giant Wars
Ásinnar a hero and helper of the human kind, the mother of Daursan and Kauteirin.
Deremhos the Elder and Deremhos the Younger, two great smiths known for learning the metal working from the Giants, and for creating many wonderous and terrible artifacts.  


According to the Faren tradition the ancestors migrated from the eastern parts of the Continent, before the Pillar Mountains turned to the dry wasteland it is now known as. At the time the people were mostly living a nomadic lifestyle, travelling in tribes with their goats, but not building anything larger than a small village for living.

On the foot of the Serme Mountains they came into contact with the Stone Giants, that had built their great stony fortresses inside the mountains and were ruling the valleys ahead. The giants allowed them to settle in their lands, if in turn they would pay tribute to the giants as their rulers.
by Tuisku with Craiyon
Femur, king of the Stone Giants

Culture & influence from the Giants

The humans learned a great deal from the Giants during this time. Their villages turned into small fortified towns -possibly mimicking the giants' fortresses, and they elected leaders to govern and handle taxation for the giants. They also learned how to mine and process bronze for making better weapons and tools.
  In the absense of contemporary sources, what we know of the wanderer culture is pieced together from myths. Giant and the rainbow snake describes a culture based on small permanent villages, lead by village chiefs, and their main livelihood being acriculture. However, it is probable that Wanderers still relied more on hunting and other nomadic livelihoods than what the later generation could imagine.  

End and legacy

The civilization came to its end when, as a conclusion to the Giant Wars, the humans drove away the giants from the plains, and settled Silford, the first free human city. After this the ancestors of the Ara migrated to the highlands eventually founding Aramacänten (Mountain kingdom), while the ancestors that stayed in the valleys became the Farens.

The ancient epics were repopularised after Ván of Sankai's epic compositions, which has lead to a new unity between the distant nations. Farens cherish their shared history with the Ara, and despite many cultural differences and more recent conflicts, see them as long-lost cousins.
by Unknown artist, Met museum
Daursan and Kauteirin on a ceramic vase.
They were the two mythical founders of Silford.
Diverged ethnicities
Related Organizations
Related Locations


The Wanderers were humans, but many of them lived unnaturally long lives and were capable of deeds that the later humans could only dream of. The abilities of these Heroes have often been attributed to divine ancestry. For example, Ásinnar is known for being the daughter of Leitandár.  


The wanderers were the speakers of Proto-Ara-Faren, the linguistic ancestor of the later Aradal and Nem (Faren language). No known written examples of Proto-Ara-Faren survive (since writing was only invented later), so our understanding of the language is based on the daughter languages.

The language is though to have split when the people diverged into the two main subgroups represented in the mythology of the era: the lowlanders who stayed in the valleys, and highlanders who were inhabiting the hills. In fact, some personal names of the highlanders show characteristics of early Aradal phonology, even though the most of the myths are only preserved in Nem.

Below is an example of sentences in the proto-language and its descendants.

(EN) The women went to the river to carry water
(Ara-Faren) túmun oçai saka anawak peka çeladenen
(Nem) tuimun fek anwá pekinei çelnneden
(Aradal) túmun oçäy sak’ä anäwäh pek’ä aya çelákän

(En) A large stone covered the river
(AF) kaya yána oçak gahataden
(N) kai yán fessé gaden
(A) k’ay yanä oçäh katädenne

(En)There was no water in the river
(AF) oçai anawa deden
(N) fes anú den ked
(A) oçäy senä anäw den
  • 1000 BFS

    800 BFS

    Construction of the Cliff of Faces
    Construction beginning/end

    Stone faces are carved on the cliffs near the present day Arensande. They are though to represent Stone Giant kings.

  • 1000 BFS

    Arrival of Wanderers
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Wanderers arrive to the Plains from the north of the Serme Mountains, where the Pillar Mountains now stand.

  • 900 BFS

    Bronze age begins
    Discovery, Scientific

    Deremhos the Elder learns the secrets of metal working from the Stone Giants. He then begins studying the properties of Greystone.

  • 500 BFS

    Greystone weapons are forged
    Technological achievement

    First Greystone weapons are forged by Deremhos the Elder. These tools create great Heroes to ward the Wanderers, but the grim weapons bring chaos and doom where ever they go, and countless of innocents lose their life.

  • 300 BFS

    Highlanders swear their allegence to the Stone Giants
    Military action

    The highlanders swear their allegeance to the Stone Giants. They are sent to drive away the forest giants from the lands. This marks the first battles between the higland and lowland humans.

  • 100 BFS

    Ásinnar's Journey to the Underworld
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Ásinnar travels to the Underworld through the Gates of Waumin, to challenge Ulalte the Lord of the Underworld, and to free her divine father Leitandár .

  • 60 BFS

    Ásinnar defeats Knuckle the giant
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Hero Ásinnar defeats Knuckle the Giant, as detailed in the myth of Giant and the Rainbow Snake, liberating the local Wandered's from the his rule.

  • 60 BFS

    1 /10

    Birth of Daursan and Kauteirin
    Life, Birth

    The Hero Ásinnar gives birth to the twins Daursan and Kauteirin, somewhere in the Lowlands. The Hero leaves shortly after, leaving the baby twins to be raised by the Widow Sasinfa Grayhair.

  • 40 BFS

    30 BFS

    Kauteirin studies on the highlands
    Life, Education

    Kauteirin studies in the monastery of Áselwin.

  • 40 BFS

    Daursan and Kauteirin become of age
    Life, Milestone

    Daursan and Kauteirin become of age. Daursan is conscribed to the Lowland army, but Kauteirin flees to the highlands.

  • 30 BFS

    Kauteirin and Farinwél meet

    Kauteirin and commander Farinwél meet and are married at the Monastery of Áselwin. Kauteirin is forced to follow him to the War.

  • 25 BFS

    Daursan and Kauteirin are reunited
    Life, Relationship change

    Daursan is brought as a prisoner to the Highlander camp, where he meets again with his brother Kauteirin. Kauteirin pleads for him, and he is released.

  • 25 BFS

    Daursan is taken prisoner
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Daursan is defeated in battle and taken a prisoner by the Highlanders.

  • 0 BFS

    Founding of Silford

    Silford is founded by Daursan and Kauteirin, after the giants are driven away from the plains. It becomes the first free human city.


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