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Lowlanders were descendants of the Wanderers, who inhabited the old forests west of the River Farinos during the Time of Wander.  


Lowlander as in an anachronistic term, first encountered in the later myths describing the era. There was probably never people self-indentifying as Lowlanders. The term refers to all the peoples living in the valleys of Farensal and influenced by the Forest giants, in contrast to the Highlanders, who lived in the mountaineous regions, in the areas influenced by the Stone Giants.  

Culture and livelihoods

The lowlanders were in large part a direct continuation of the older Wanderer culture. The most lowlanders still lived in tribes or small villages, hunting, fishing and gathering in the ancient forests of Farensal.

The earliest known city in the lowlands was Artana, founded by Kaminbanda, with a group of survivors from the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. However, the arriving highlanders are believed to have at first pushed away the lowlanders, rather than assimilating them to the settled culture.  

Interactions with the Forest Giants

The lowlanders are believed to have had less direct interactions with the giants than the Highlanders. A later Faren myth, Giant and the Rainbow Snake, tells of a rare instance of a forest giant getting into a human village, and how the interaction corrupted him. It can be inferred, that if the interaction was constant, it wouldn't have sparked myths like this.

It is thought that the giants lived in the woods and hills, and were worshipped like gods by the people. Cult statues of the giants are still found especially around Arensande.  

The Giant Wars and Legacy

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Famous lowlanders

Daursan, even though his birth ethnicity is unclear, he was part of the lowland army


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