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Lowland army

The lowland army was the opposing force of the Highland Army in the Giant Wars (c. 100-0 BFS).   The lowland army was probably not one entity, but rather a collection of different entities, that opposed the invasion of the higlanders to Farensal.  

Draft and training

According to the Songs of Daursan and Kauteirin, young peasant men were drafted from the villages by the command of the local lords, and trained to face the approaching highlanders in battle. Daursan was drafted and became a high-ranking soldier, meanwhile Kauteirin fled, and coincidentally ended up in the opposing highland army.  


The lowland army was intimately familiar with the battlefield of the war, and used the terrain to their advantage skillfully. For the longest time the approach of the highlanders was stopped on the eastern the banks of Farinos, where they could not go further, with the lowlanders blocking the crossing.  


At least in the myths, the highlanders believed, that the lowlanders were under the patronage of the Forest giants, in the similar way as the Stone Giants were the ultimate commanders of their army. However, it seems that there was much looser connection between the lowlanders and the giants. It is not known if, and to what degree, they actually took part in the war.
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