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Hilt of Dašar's Skysword

The hilt supposedly belonging to the Skysword of Dašar son of Çargin is one of the most priced ancient artifacts held in Tášá. It is displayed in the temple of Hérfé Ásó, and is a popular attraction to tourists interested in the history of the city. It is valued both for belonging to the mythical founder of the city, as for it's direct connection to its principal deity.


The hilt is made of a single piece of bronze, and is seemingly of ancient design. It is rather small, which is common for the ancient swords, but the fact is suprising to many tourists, who are used to contemporary swords, and have imagined the priced relic to be something more grand.   It is decorated with elaborate carvings, but it's hard to make out what they depict due to the severe oxidation of the bronze. The handle is inlayed with three large blue gemstones on both sides. They seem rather impractical for use, so it has been suggested that they have been added after the swords was no longer in use.

There is no trace of the blade itself. It seems that the greystone, which once gave the weapon its powers, has vanished completely, or been destroyed by some unknown means.


Like the other Skyswords, it was forged by Deremhos the Elder, then a slave of the Stone Lords. The blade was first used by Çargin in the Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. Soon after the escape of the slaves, Çargin's son Dašar was born, but it was soon realised that he was not born from him, but was a half-giant. The new laws of the refugees dictated that all with giant blood in them had to be killed, so Çargin decided to save the newborn by sending him away with her mother, and gave his Skysword with them for their protection, because he correctly suspected he would be executed for that deceit.

Dašar and his mother Àrnté wandered lost in the mountains, but were saved by the Goddess Lion Mother who nursed them back into strenght. Àrnté moved among the local people and married the king of the land, but Dašar was brought up by the Goddess in her lair. Once he was barely a man, the old king died, and he first came among the people to take the crown. Dašar was determined to revenge the death of his father, so he went into war against Kaminbanda, one of the other Holders of the Skyswords. It is told that he finally killed him with his blade, and many other good men were also devoured by the blade in the war.

In the last century BFS, the people became to realise, the evil and corrupting power of the greystone blades, that had already caused much bloodshed between the kingdoms of men. The Greystone Smiths, were chief among those who advocated, that the blades should be destroyed, and should have never been created. It is assumed, that Dašar, or who ever was in possession of the blade at the time, agreed, and it's creation was undone by unknown methods. Once the first literary mentions of the sword appear in the 3rd century AFS, only the hilt was left of it.  


Because the greystone blade is no longer present, some have doubted if this was actually the sword of Dašar, or a greystone blade at all, or rather some unrelated ancient sword. However, the crown of Tášá firmly declares that it has been directly passed on to them by the ancients, and it retains it's status among the holiest relics of the kingdom.
by Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.), v. 15, 1911
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Weapon, Melee
Creation Date
c. 200 BFS
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