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Dašar son of Çargin (Tasal language Dášár) was an ancient hero and the progenitor of the Tašal people. The myths tell, that his father was a hero of the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne and a Holder of a Skysword, and he was raised by Lion mother, the patron goddess of Tášá.  


Dašar's name is rendered in various ways by different sources and languages. The Faren myths of the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne give it as Dálas, 'no one', and explain, that he was was named such by his father, when he sent him into exile, because he would grow up with no ancestry.

Alternatively, Dašar seems to be a tašalian word, with -r being a common masculine suffix, but of otherwise an unclear etymology. However, it is believed to be connected to the name of the people itself, as he is believed to be the progenitor of the Tašal people.  

Personal history

Dašar was born in exile soon after his parents had escaped to the mountains in the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. It was noticed right away, that he was not the son of his father, but a half-giant. Çargin grieved, for their new laws dictated, that all the giants must be put to death. Thus he decided to send away his wife and the newborn, before his companions would find out. And he gave his Skyswords with them, because he correctly suspected he would be killed after his deceit was noticed.

by Tuisku
Dašar and a Skysword
As depicted in the Tašalian Book of the Demons
Thus Àrnté fled in the cover of the night, travelling towards the north by the stars, hoping to find friendly people. Once they were exhausted, she found a cave and decided to take shelter in it. They had barely fallen asleep, when she woke up into the growling of her dog, and noticed a terrifying shadow on the mouth of the cave, and she realised it was the den of a lion. She took the skysword, and pointed it at the approaching creature.

But when it got near, the growling of the dog changed into a submissive whine, and it started to wag it's tail for a greeting. For the creature approaching was not a natural beast, but the Lion mother, protector of all the beasts and fugitives. The goddess told Àrnté to put down the sword, and took them into her protection, nursing them back into strenght with her milk.

They stayed in the Lion's cave, but Àrnté started soon to miss the company of people. Thus the Lion Mother sent her to find a town nearby, but Dašar stayed with the goddess. Thus Dašar grew up, knowing only his mother who visited once in a while, bringing him news, and bread and beer, so that he would grow up to know the way of the civilized people, not into a wild man. And it happened, that his mother married again, and her husband was the king of the people.

When Dašar was nearly a man, the husband of his mother became ill and died. Thus Àrnté sent for him, to finally bring him to the town, and become the heir to the thrown. And when the people saw him, they were all amazed, because dispite his age he was already tall and strong, his long golden hair was like a lions mane, and the glory of the gods shone on his proud face. Thus they all bowed before him, and he became a ruler with her mother.

Later he fought a war to avenge the death of his father, and brought a lot of glory to the Tašal people.  


It is debated, if Dašar was a real historical figure, or rather a character combined from various historical people, or a literary attempt to explain the complicated ancestry of the Tašals. They clearly have a connection with the earlier population of their home peninsula, but would have also been motivated to find a connection to the Holders of the Skyswords, who are foundational figures in the surrounding Faren culture. This might explain why Dašar is described to have three different fathers.
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Other Ethnicities/Cultures

Worship & Veneration

Dášár is worshipped in the Tašalian national cult as the son of Hérfé Ásó the Lion Mother, alongside the goddess and her consort Kràs Ròá the Eagle. The damaged Hilt of his Skysword is displayed in the main temple in Tášá. He is portrayed as the ideal warrior youth, and is a source of inspiration for the military, and the children alike.

A popular children's game, Dašar and the two Mothers, has developed for teaching his story to young children, and is played even among the other peoples of the continent.


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