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Book of the Demons

This manuscript is a translation of a fragmented Tašalian clerical compendium, that contains descriptions of the most well known Tašal divines and popular beliefs associated with them. Where necessary, annotations have been added to give context to a novice Faren reader.  
Here begins the Book of the Demons, of the creatures seen and unseen,
of the protectors and the tormentors of the Tašal folk.
by Tuisku
Illustration: Dasar son of Çargin holding a Skysword, depicted as a lion cub.
ioness is the ruler of all the beasts, and none of the beasts of the land can match her strenght. She is a fierce warrior, leading her pack into hunt, like a general leading his warriors into battle. Even the male lion bows down his crown before her.

However, the fiercest she becomes in the protection of her cubs. In the same way Our Mother Hérfé Ásó is the protector of the people, and each tašal is her precious child. As she nursed our Venered Ancestor Dasar back into life, and gave him his strenght to become the great Hero, so should everyone who is hurt seek her soothing care.
Hawk is the creature with the keenest eyesight. It flies over all the lands from the east to the west, he descends into the depths of Waumin and rises to the heavens of the Gods, but wherever he flies, his eyes see all the corners of Salan at once.   The sun-hawk Kras Ròá, he who brings good winds, is the partner of the Lioness. Each day he flies across the skies from the east to the west, guiding the sun on its way. In the same way he flies ahead of the ships of our navy, blessing them good winds and guiding them to the safe waters. This is why hawk is the protector of the sailor, and venerated by all the people.

When the hawk grows old, and its wings grow heavy, it flies close to the sun and washes its weariness away in the sun's rays, and becomes young again. In this way the sun is like the father of the hawk, who gives birth to it time and time again, so that it can carry the sun's light to the lands below. In the same way Kras is rejuvenating his followers, making their eyes and mind clear to see the purpose of the Gods. All who fail to see the Gods' purpose should seek his guidance.
easel is the most hedonistic of all the creatures of the lands. It takes pleasure in food and mating, and even while it does not eat, it kills for the pleasure of violence. The weasel never works, except in digging its nests.

However, the Gods blessed this creature with a great happiness and a great power: it is said that this beast is skilled in healing magic. If it ever gets hurt, its wounds heal with ease, and if one of its cubs were to die, its licks could bring it back to life.

Like the weasel, the greatest healer Tènódsàl Ròá is a friend of the song and dance, but stranger to work. While he rests, he brings health, but while he gets to work, the demons of plague and suffering follow him. One who seeks his blessing through works and offerings might ever sooner be found by his curse.
olphin is the most delightful of the creatures of the sea. It is known as the friend of the men, but its friendliness is hiding its deceitful nature. It talks to the sailor like a man, but he needs to be wary: for who follows the dolphin, will surely be lead to the bottomless dephths or to the rocks.

Dèlé Ásó is the most beautiful of the spirits, but whoever falls to her temptations is doomed: they become mad with the lust that they can never fullfill. Be adviced therefore to be friendly with the stranger, though never give her your heart.
tars, Ténów are the children of the Dolphin. Like the fish of a shoal they are innumerable, and they are one and many all at once. They fill the whole sky with their glow, shining bright like silverly scales in the sun. And like the scales of the fish reflect the light of the sun, the light of the stars is not their own, but only a reflection of the beauty of their mother. Similarly, although our venerated Ancestors give us many blessings, their power is not their own, but can only mediate the glory of the Gods.
owl. It is told that once he was a great wolf, who was caught and slain by Rašar the Hunter. The God skinned him and took the pelt of as his trophy, but the voice of the wolf was left behind, doomed to wander the world without a physical form. Usually he is heard as a sad howl when he mourns his loneliness, but sometimes he takes up the voice of a human, speaking like a friend lost in the mountains. Echoing the calls of the seeker he leads him into the wilderness, hoping to make him share in his lonely faith.

This space seems to be intentionally left black, presumably because there is no physical representation of the spirit of the Howl

All the art and content © Tuisku (=me)

Table of contents

  1. The Lioness of the Purr and Roar
    Eagle of the Wings
  2. The Weasel of Burrow
  3. The Dolphin of Danger
    The Fish of the Pack
  4. Spirit of the Howl


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