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Lion mother

Lion Mother (Tasal language: Hérfé Ásó, Nem: Yerbe tuim) is the head goddess of the Tasalian pantheon, as well as a minor deity in the Faren pantheon.

She is the ruler of war and motherhood, representing the strenght of the mountain lion, as well as the fierce way the beast protects its cubs. She is usually represented as a woman with the head of a Lioness.

Symbols and Sigils

Cats are her favourite animal, and thus are a very common pet in the City of Tášá. The Tasalian kings also keep tame lions in their court as the symbol of their rule.  

Divine domains

Lion Mother is often depicted as the protector of children, orphans and women. In these aspects she resembles the Faren Hero Ásinnár. In fact, it is told in the myths, that Ásinnár herself sought the protection of the Lioness, after being abandoned my his family, after they learned she was the son of not his father, but of divine Leitandár.  


Lion used to be a common sight in the Farensal, but have been driven away by the growing human population. They can still be encountered in the hills and mountains.
Character Portrait image: by AlexanderVanLoon


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