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The Skyswords, according to the myths, were greystone blades, forged by Deremhos the Elder, to defeat the rule of the Stone Lords. The swords made their holders great heroes and kings, but also made them do great evil.

  This article is about the mechanics and physical properties of the Skyswords. The fate of the individual swords is described in: Holders of the Skyswords.  


Deremhos forged six Skyswords, one of himself, and one for each of the five Holders. The Skyswords were double-edged greatswords, although it is believed that the heroes of the first ages were large enough to use them with one hand - many having some giant blood in their veins. Each sword was made unique for its holder, decorated with precious gems and symbols of the holder.

The proposed Hilt of Dašar's Skysword has survived, and is held on display in Tášá. It shows an elaborate design of bronze, fitting of the era. Surprisingly, the hilt is much smaller than many might have imagined based on the stories.  

Mechanics & Inner workings

The most well-known property of the Skyswords is, that the blades are believed cut straight into the soul of the victim, killing the life-force itself. Thus they prevent the victims Táldar from rising, and eventually the rebirth.

The swords apparently had other magical properties as well, although they are harder to describe. It seems that the most of the heroes who held the swords gained great wealth and power, but they also committed great evils and often had a tragic death. Some say that they were corrupted by the greystone itself, and that the material holds a terrible spirit of chaos, that only desires to wipe out all life.  


The Skyswords were forged out of Greystone, a rare material that is belived to be pieces of the Moons, that had fallen onto Salan in the ancient times. Although greystone is incredibly rare, it was found in large quantities during the Giants' great tunneling under the mountains. The giants had not yet found a way to process it, and thus it was given to their human slaves to experiment with.   Greystone is usually found as small shiny lumps, that feel much heavier than they look. Although it is called grey, it is best described as colorless in appearance. It avoids being described and even being noticed. When you look into one you are sure that it's something exeptional and valuable, but it you look away you might forget you even saw one. When touched they feel strangely alive but at the same time cold as death itself.

Manufacturing process

Deremhos the Elder had learned the skill of smithing from the giants, and had become the most talented human blacksmith. He was then tasked to lead the reasearch into the properties of the greystone. The great magical properties were already sensed by the giants, however, they were never able to figure out how to break or melt the greystone for making a usable weapon out of it. It is not known until this day how Deremhos managed to do it, but he found a way to melt the stone and cast it into blades. This discovery he however kept secret from his giant masters, and began to work in secret towards arming his fellow slaves.

The skill of Greystone smithing was passed onto Deremhos' closest companions and descendants, and although it was a closely guarded secret, it is assumed that there were a couple dozen greystone smiths in the years after the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. Many greystone blades were made, although none as great as the Skyswords.

In the years to come the smiths began to realise the corrupting effects of the greystone. Mny were horrified, and swore never practise the skill again. But the skill was still taught, and few experts knew it for centuries. It is believed that the last smiths were killed by the Black Years' Plague.
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Weapon, Melee
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c. 200 BFS
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