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Dašar and the two Mothers

Dášár kób ásó ká 'Dašar and the two Mothers', also known as Rásó Dàl 'The Mother Says' is a popular Tašalian children's game. It is well known in Çaus peninsula around Tášá and in the Tašal colonies. It is also played by the children elsewhere, but the broader context and the moral lessons of the game are often lost in that case.

The game is part of a rich tradition of teaching moral stories through animal allegories. Tašalians are animists, and believe, that the wild animals reflect the moral characters of the humans, and reveal the will of the divines. This game features their chief deity Hérfé Ásó, who is commonly depicted as a female lion, who is the collective mother of all the nation, and their fierce protector. The Lion mother and the other main Tašal deities are further described in Book of the Demons.


The game can be played by two or more players. One player at a time is the mother, who plays the part of the human mother and the lion mother. The other players are the children. The mother offers each child imaginary food and drink, and they need to either take it or refuse it, based on what is being offered. If a child takes something that belongs to the beasts, they lose, or become the next mother.  

Lion Mother speaks

Mother: sétré rólbà, tàré rólbà
Take the meat, eat the meat

Child: atà!
I won’t eat it!
  Mother: sétré àrče, kópalré àrčé
Take the blood, drink the blood!

Child: akópal!
I won’t drink it!

Human Mother speaks

Mother: sétré àrfašlè, tàré àrfašlè
Take the bread, eat the bread!
  Child: ká tà!
I'll eat it!
  Mother: sétré àrfósè, kópalré àrfósè
Take the wine, drink the wine!
  Child: ká kópal!
I'll drink it!

When a child makes a mistake

Everyone: rár / ré Hérfé Ásó!
You (masc./ fem.) are the Lion Mother!

Moral lesson

The moral objective of the game seems to be teaching the Tašal children the behavioral rules and taboos of the culture. Additionally it illustrates the separation between the gods, animals and humans, and warns people against following animalistic habits, or imitating the gods.

Some religious thinkers have raised objections for the game, because it teaches children to reject what the Lion Mother graciously offers. However, the general concensus is, that the teaching of the separation of the men and gods is morally good, and the game has continued to enjoy wide popularity.
by Tuisku
Sleeping Dašar and a Skysword
As depicted in the Tašalian Book of the Demons

Historical basis

It is not known how old the game is, but it's based on one of the oldest Tašalian myths, the story of Dašar, an ancient king and a foundational figure of the Tašalian culture. When he was a child, he was raised by two mothers, his human mother Àrnté, and the goddess Hérfé Ásó ('lion mother').

Hérfé Ásó brought him meat and blood, the food and drink of the lions, while Àrnté brought him bread and wine, the food and drink of the civilized people. Because Dašar took the food and drink of the people, he grew up to be a great king, not a wild man.  


The game can be played by a group of children, or a child and their caretaker, who often teaches the game to younger children.

The items offered in the game can be wildly different. While they are typically foods and drinks, they can be any items or activities that are either accepted or not. The children tend to choose more random options, while the parents, who are familiar with the historical context of the game, prefer the more traditional options. The children commonly think, that adults are dull company for playing the game.


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