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Bronze on Salan

Bronze, and other copper alloys, are the main metal used for producing metallic tools on Salan (World). The bronze is especially vital for weapon smithing, and therefore sources of copper are highly sought after, and competition over them has been the cause for many major military conflicts, such as the enslavement of the Caač and Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem.


Geology & Geography

The most important sources of copper on Salan are Serme Mountains, Der Fem (West Island) and nearby mainland highlands, and Irin i heš. The capital of the Republic of Free West Island was founded based on the mining settlement of Çarimbal mines. The trade of copper is therefore mostly dominated by Aramacänten (Mountain kingdom) and Republic of Free West Island, with few other city states having access to their own sources.   Different copper alloys are preferred depending on the minerals available in the region. Der Fem (West Island) has also access to tin, and produce mostly tin-bronze that often has a golden colour. In Aramacänten (Mountain kingdom) zink-rich brass is the dominant alloy. Many Faren city states are known for arsenic bronze, that has a silver colour.   The Eastern Islands do not have a reliable native source of copper, and have therefore traditionally used volcanic obsidian for tools instead of metals.


Trade & Market

The main traders or bronze are Aramacänten (Mountain kingdom), Republic of Free West Island and Irin i heš controlled by the Zeribian city state of Ačfem. Aramacänten is the largest exporter. Its main trade routes are the northern route passing through K'ayademä to the sea, and the western routes through Kuymüarän or Aränwílü to the central Faren city states such as Fares (Silford). The Republic is heavily regulating the exportation of copper, and is only trading to it's selected partners on mainland. However, a large black market is trading copper to both Zeribian city states and mainland. Irin i Heš is mostly exporting to Zeribian states on the Eastern Islands, and Tasalwíri.


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