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Aramacänten (Mountain kingdom)

The Mountain Kingdom is the main geopolitic force on the Serme Mountains. It is ruled by the Ara people.


The highest ruler of the Ara is the king. Other high offices are held by the relatives of the king. The next king will be the most competent male relative of the former king, not necessarily the son.


Dragons.   Mines and excellent goldsmiths.


the Ara Kingdom started as a small country centered around Isünókul, which according to the tradition was founded as early as 200 BH. in the early 400's AFS the Black Years' Plague affected the whole continent. The region around Lake Ülüwerä, then ruled by Saial city states, was hit hardest in the 430s. The Ara Kingdom was less affected because then they had less trade relationships outside the mountains. They took advantage of the weakened state of their neighbours and managed to counquer the most of Yamenawa by 435 AFS. Then they turned their attention to the coast, launching an invasion on the Ardawána peninsula, culminating in the siege of Tášá 436 AFS. However, they were forced to retreat and much of the area returned back to the Tasalian control.

Before that the main trade routes to West had lead through the Southern path and connected to Silford by rivers. When Yamenawa was united, the Ara could take the advantage of the faster route through Isünókul straight to the coast. This new traderoute lead to the diminishing importance of the trade through the West Island, and was one reason for the fall of the Faren kingdom there.

Demography and Population

Mountain Kingdom is multiethnic and many peoples have fallen under the power of the current empire. The largest ethnicities are Ara people and Saial people.


Their main territory is the central highlands of the Serme Mountains. They also control many settlements in the lower mountain valleys, which are very important for the producction grain and other crops that don't grow on the highlands, as well as for trade posts.


All adult men are required to do regular work tax to help on government projects. Some serve in the military when the need arises.   The general security forces are guards that are closely associated with the leadership.

Foreign Relations

They trade with the Fareans. They have some contacts with the Caač people and even Zeribians on the coast.

Agriculture & Industry

Sermardans make the finest wool fabrics on Salan.   The kingdom has many mines, and a lot of minerals are exported.

Trade & Transport

The main trade route is the Mountain Route, which connects the Mountain Kingdom with the Farean in the West and the Plains tribes in the East.

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Yamenawa - Mountain Kingdom 2.1
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Gift economy
Major Exports
Wool and wool products. Mining products.
Major Imports
Grain, wine, fruit, fish, and other foodstuffs.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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  • 600 BFS

    Time of Wander
    Population Migration / Travel

    X X leads the Sermardans into the mountain valleys. Sermardans split from Fareans.

    Serme Mountains
    Additional timelines
  • 200 BFS

    Old Kingdom
    Political event

    A kingdom is established at X under the rule of X X

  • 500 AFS

    Military action

    Sermardan kingdom start conquering the neighboring regions and establishing an empire


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