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The etymology of the name is uncertain, but it seemes to come from Aradal, either isú 'blood' or icünómu 'flower' followed by a locative suffix -kul.


Almost all the population are natives of the Serme Mountains, but they represent all the etnicities of the Kingdom. The ruling dynasty is of the Ara people. The second most prominent ethnicity are the Saial farmers.


The highest authority is the king. Other highest offices are held by the king's relatives.


The city is located on the highlands partially surrounded by mountains. Additionally the inner city is raised on terraces and protected by walls. Guard towers monitor the movement in the surroundings of the city, and a number of soldiers and elite guards are positioned in the city.

Industry & Trade

The finest fabrics of the country are produced in the nearby Capital Áçäwal. The fabrics are used for priestly and elite consumption, as well as export and gifts for citizens. Many other products are also manufactured for elite consumption, such as jewelery and beer.   Capital is the center point of trade on the mountains. It organises the foreign trade, and redistribution of goods and workforce around the country.

Guilds and Factions

The Áçäwal religious organisation is the most powerful organisation after the government. Their headquarters is Capital Áçäwal located a few kilometers outside the city.


The city is located near a lake on the highlands.
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