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Capital Áçäwal


This building complex is located about 5km away from the capital city Isünókul, going up the mountain side. The site is surrounded by steep terrace farms that produce sacred food for rituals. The path towards the site is decorated with huge human-shape stone statues.   The complex is connected to a holy site higher on the mountain.   The site has many kinds of buildings: residences for pilgrims and priesthood, temples, storehouses. An observatorium is located higher above other buildnings to have clear view unobstructed by light from other buildnings.

Purpose / Function

The áçäwal is the base of the organisation in the capital area. It is a busy center for religious activities in the area, and a very important pilgrimage site. The leading members of the society are known to escape there from the overcrowded city.
University / Educational complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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