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Temple of Áfawarsal in Wasäkawakal

The Temple of Áfawarsal is the main temple in Wasäkawakal, and one of the most important temples of the Monastic order of the Sisters of the Weaver.   The temple is a great stone fortress, leaning against the mountains next to the city. It was originally placed outside the city borders, as is customary, but over time the city has grown to partially engulf the monastery.  


The main tower of the temple holds the shrine of the Goddess. It is surrounded by whole districts of other buildings, where the sisters live, and production facilities, where they work.  


The main product of the temple are the Clerical fabrics, that are used to clothe the priests and artistocracy of Aramacänten, but many other crafts are also practised there. The temple is also a center of education, where the young sisters learn of not only the manual work, but also the Memory Songs that tell of the history of the land, and can practise sciences.


The most of the sisters residing in the temple are young girls of the local artistocrats, that serve the priesthood for some years before getting married. Older sisters, who have sworn permanent oaths to the sisterhood, serve as the pastors. Their head is the Archpastor. This temple is one of the largest, and can educate hundreds of young sisters at a time.

Most of the sisters are women, however, some men have decided to join the organisation as well. Most men come to visit the organisation for a while, to learn the wisdom of the goddess, and then leave. It is uncommon, but not impossible, for men to join the ranks permanently. These members are sometimes known as the brothers, but this term is considered derogatory, and most prefer to be called sisters regardless of their gender.
Founding Date
c. 200 BFS
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Ruling/Owning Rank
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When Wasäkawakal was first founded, the worship of Áfawasal was centered on the Altar of Horns, a holy side on an island nearby. There has never been any buildings on the island, because the land is though to be too holy for human settlement. However, as the importance of the temples as industrial centers grew, the temple was founded near the city.

The Hero Kauteirin studied in the temple during the last century BFS.


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