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Saial Memory Songs

Saial memory songs are a traditional form of singing, that the Sayal people of Aramacänten (Mountain kingdom) use for storing information.  


Even though the prestige language of Yamenawa has been Aradal for centuries, the memory songs are still usually performed in the minority language Sai Õl Tal (Saial language). Many of the masters of the art are still monolingual in Saial, as the songs are uniquely structured to fit the Saial language.   However, most outsiders who hear the music do not know the language or understand the stories it carries, but can only enjoy the haunting melodies echo in the temples.  


The most well-known type of memory songs is used in the Áçäwal temples for storing information of historical and ritual significance, while there is no written form of the local languages. In the countryside where the Saial traditions are still more dominant, simple type of memory songs are used by the peasants for remembering all kinds of everyday information, like shopping lists and birthdays.  


An almost continous singing can be heard inside the temples. The songs are an important part of every religious ceremony, but it other times one can hear someone memorising new songs, recalling information or practising. Many foreign pilgrims travel to the temples precisely for this reason, because the Ara temples have a unique religious atmosphere that is thought to facilitate thinking and meditation.
There's a song I heard whilst roaming around in your world and now it's stuck in my head. What are the lyrics about and why is it so catchy?

Musical style

The memory songs preserve information of ancient history, but even the music itself is remnant of ancient times. The songs are usually performed without instruments, and sound melodic but somehow sad for many listeners.


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Mar 17, 2022 19:00

This is really cool! The thought of using music, or songs to record history or "memories" is a neat idea. While reading this I felt like it was familiar to something I read about monks in the past, or something similar to what we did on earth before written language. Although I cannot remember where I read this, or if I'm imagining things.   Well done though! I enjoyed reading this!

Mar 20, 2022 16:52

Thanks! Most of my articles are inspired by some historical culture to some degree, this doesn't have any clear influence, but most cultures used songs and rhymes to remember information before writing was invented :)

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