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Wasäkawakal (or in Saial Äpõr Wa , both 'plenty of herds') is the largest city of the Yamenawa highlands in the Serme Mountains, and possibly the oldest city in the world.


Wasäkawakal is located in the center of the highlands, on the coast of Lake Ulüwerä, a great highland lake filling most of the valley.

The hills near Wasäkawakal house the Temple of Áfawarsal which is often considered the main temple of Áfawarsal, because of the proximity of her most holy site, the Altar of Horns on an island nearby.
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Wasäkawakal is an age-old Sayal cultural center, and the poulation still a large Sayal component, but since the city became part of the Aramacänten they have shifted to Ara identity. At present, the city is one of the most international places in the highlands, and always has many visitors from other areas of the highlands, as well as abroad.  


Wasäkawakal was one of the first free human cities. According to the tradition, it was founded by Arnenn, one of the Holders of the Skyswords, after he fled the enslavement of the Stone Giants in the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. He lead his people to the shore of the lake, and his kingdom stood independent for a long time, and was the center of flourishment for the highlander culture of the time. Later his descendants were tempted by the giants' promises of glory and wealth, and they became part of the war against the lowland people. It is not known for certain, but it has been speculated, that the kings of Aramacänten still hold Arnenn's Skysword.

In the historical era, Wasäkawakal was at first the center of the Sayal culture of highland terrace farming. After the Sayal rule was weakened by the Black Years' Plague, the city was conquered by the invading nomads of the Ara people, and it became part of the Aramacänten.
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