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Çarimbal mines

Çarimbal (New Tower) was originally founded 494 AFS as a mining settlement by the mainland Farens, because a rich source of tin, crucial for the productions of bronze, was found there. The original mines are located on the north-west side of the Capital, on the nearest hills of the Central Highland. The original mines have already been depleated of tin and other minerals, and very officially closed during the 680's AFS, and the current mining operations happen further in the Central Highland.   Currently the mines are officially abandoned, but attract many kinds of shady people from the capital. Despite the area being regularly patrolled by the Republic's soldiers, the area is a popular meeting place for smugglers and other outcasts, and the authorities have trouble catching them in the labyrinth of mountain paths and caves. During the day time the hills are also good place for short hiking trips, that offer a pleasant view towards the capital below in the distance. The area is also used forage for wild herbs and mushrooms used in the city's restaurants.

Industry & Trade

Earlier in the republic's history minerals, especially tin for the production of bronze, was mined here. The minerals were also produced there near the city, which caused several pollution to the Lake Brass, which serves as the source of water for a large part of capital's poorer population, that didn't have the access to aqueduct water, as well as to the densely populated region downstream. This was elleviated by the construction of public aqueduct in mid 600's. After the mining ended, the quality of the water has been getting better, resulting in the rising quality of life for the inhabitants.


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