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Zeribian graveyard of Çarimbal

The Zeribian graveyard is a place where the dead of the Zeribians of Çarimbal (New Tower) and a portion of the poor of the city are buried. The graveyard was established in the Capital after the Republic prohibited the earlier Zeribian tradition of burying their dead in boats send to the sea.   More on the burial practises on the West Island can be found in Afterlife on the West Island.
More on the Faren interaction with the dead can be found in Táldaran - Spirit ancestors.  


The cemetary is located on a hill near the connection between the Zeribian District and the common slums. A large crematorium is located right next to the cemetary. Planted trees make the cemetery resemble a forest. The graveyard is dotted with scattered graves, marked with small flat stones, and an occasional large tomb pillar placed for someone more wealthy.   During the day Zeribians come there to pray, offer food and drink, and receive visions from the spirits. During the night the graveyard is frequented with a surprising amount of cats, dogs, and wild animals feasting on the food offerings.  


Because the Zeribians don't follow similar rituals to calm the spirits that the Farens do, the graveyard is thought to be filled with restless and angry spirits, that can be harmfull for the children and other unwary people. The Zeribian graveyard is thus avoided by citizens of good standing. Many stories are told of haunting and encounters with demons happened in the graveyard (for example The Mad King and the Spirits of the Zeribian Graveyard), and of the weird rites performed by the Zeribians on the grave sites.  

Associated professions


In Zeribian culture, undertakers and anyone handling bodies are ritually unclean. These people are avoided by all higher-class people, and only the lowest social class can become an undertaker. The profession is usually handed down in the families who often handle other unclean profession as well, such as being butchers or executioners. The undertakers are aided by slaves. The undertakers of the Zeribian crematorium are also responsible for cleaning the streets of the Zeribian quarter and slums of any abandoned bodies within two hours of discovery.  


The administrators of the crematorium are responsible for making sure that all bodies in the district get a proper burial. Most of the administrators are either Faren-minded Zeribians or of mixed origin. They are thought to be corrupt and shamless, and have been accused for destroying the old customs, taking bribes for unauthorised burials, and robbing funerary items.

Boat burials

Traditionally the Zeribians have buried their dead to the sea, by sending the bodies to travel in a small boat decorated with flowers and other offerings, to their underwater underworld ruled by the God of the Sea Feren. In the Capital they used to cremate the bodies, and then bury the ash to the Lake Brass.   According to the Faren believes however, people that have drowned are domed to lie forever alone in the cold bottom of the ocean. Thus they were deeply disturbed by the tradition and it was ultimately outlawed by the Republic. The bodies were required to be cremated and buried in the designated graveyard.  

Illegal continuation

Most Zeribians of the Republic have replaced the outlawed tradition by burying in the designated graveyard, and then sending tiny decorated boats to the lake or sea later. However, some have been caught dumping ashes to the lake under the cover of the night, hiding ashes to the decorational boats, or smuggling ashes or bodies away to later be buried in the sea. To battle against the illegal activity, all bodies are required to be cremated in the public crematory, and then guarded by the undertakers until burial. The undertakers are however often bribed to turn the blind eye.


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