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Zeribian District of Çarimbal

Zeribian district is a district in Çarimbal, mostly inhabited by Zeribians. The district borders the Lake Brass, and the defining feature of the district are it's stilted houses raised above the waterline, and canalways used for travelling with boats. Much of the district is filled with slum-like commoner houses, but the higher ground has large stone houses of the Zeribian nobility.  

Zeribian market

The Zeribian market is one of the main features attracting outsiders to the Zeribian district. The market consists of a large outdoor market area where traders and fishermen sell their products, and surrounding streets of shops and craftsmen's workshops. The market is a great place to buy fresh fish and other seafood caught from the lake, river and sea. The traders also bring in food items, spices and other products from the Eastern Islands, not available elsewhere in the city. The market attracts many commoners of the city, buy it's often cheaper prices (archeived by tax evasion).  


The district is Zeribian autonomous area, meaning that the local Zeribian nobility is responsible to the city's authorities for keeping peace and order in the district. The Faren authorities are rarely seen in the district, and instead the main law enforcement force are the Zeribian Censors. The most of the inhabitants are not legal citizens, and are thus unable to vote in the general elegions of the city.


The Zeribian district is built along the coast of Lake Brass and in the lowlying areas of the city. The lake is flooded for a large portion of the year, and thus many of the houses are built on stilts, and the people use boats for travel in the neighbourhood.


The Zeribian district is bordered by a marshy lake, which houses fish and insects feeding on the waste of the city, and in turn surving as the food for the people. The insects from the marshes are commonly causing epidemics in the tightly packed households.


The Zeribian immigrants to the city settled on the shores of lake, which was suited for building their stilted houses. New Zeribian people moving in are finding it hard to be accepted into other areas of the city, and are forced to stay in the crammed Zeribian neighbourhood. New stilted platforms are continuously added to built new houses, and the unauthorised builting in the slums is a nuisance to the city's authorities.
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