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Censors are a Zeribian organisation that is responsible for enforsing the ethnic Zeribian laws, especially the Zeribian ritual purity law. They supervise people, and are allowed to intevene if they notice someone is not acting like they should. The Zeribian laws usually only bind ethnic Zeribians, and the Censors thus don't supervise foreigners.  

Organisation structure

The Censors are all Zeribian nobles. The organisation has many different levels, that have different responsibilities and rights. Patrolling the streets for litterers can well be the first governmental job for a 15-year-old noble.  

Areas of influence

Public purity
Censors make sure that any public proceedings are acted out as they should be. They supervise temple rituals and other public gatherings. They make sure that all new laws passed by the Gathering of the Elders are religiously appropriate.   Private purity
Censors also make sure that all private people act as they should be. They patrol the streets to punish drunkards and litterers. They are also allowed to enter private homes and investigate if they suspect that any unpure things are happening inside. The censors are allowed to deal minor punisments on the spot, such as arrest or beat the violator, even if they are a noble. They can intercept any gatherings that violate the law.   The patrols
The Censors work armed with a small sword (that is not to be used unless their life is threatened), and a staff (that is to be used to beat any violators). On dangerous missions they take bodyguards with them. The Censors wear SpecialClothes and Symbols (to be added) to set them apart from others.
  Conflict with other organisations
In the Republic of Free West Island the Zeribian law is not legally binding, unlike the Republic's Faren law. At present the republic has however given the Zeribians a high degree of freedom to govern their own people regarding the purity laws that are deemed unimportant by the Republic.   However, some problems can arise. Sometimes it is unclear whether someone is a Zeribian or not. A person who does not self-identify as Zeribian might get punished by the Censors. Sometimes a crime can lead to unfair dual punisments by both the Republic and Censors.   Many cities have specific areas that are mostly inhabited by Zeribians. If a commoner of the Republic goes to the areas and breaks the Zeribian laws and gets punished, the Republic usually thinks they deserved it. The censors shouldn't touch any higher status citizens of the Republic (unless they are also Zeribians of course), or deal out any too hars punishments.
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities
A Note for Outsiders
The censors don't usually care if someone who is not a Zeribian violates a law, because they are only intended for the members of the ethnicity. It is wise, however, to be mindful of the general principles of the law, so as not to offend the Zeribians by accident. A person who, for example, litters the streets on the Zeribians quarters of a city, might get a few blows from a censor's staff.


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