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Tower of Sunset

The Tower of Sunset is the main temple of the Sun Cult, the official religion of the Republic of Free West Island. The tower is the most notable landmark of New Tower, the city which was named after the it.   The temple contains large courtyard and halls intended for public worship, closed temples intended only for the priests, an observatory, and an expansive library among other things.   The tower is located in New Tower. The tower (or rather the remains of what it used to be) was discovered within the jungle by the shores of Lake Brass when the Farens arrived on the West Island during the seventh century AH. The remaining pedestal of the tower was first used as a lighthouse during the colonisation period. Later the tower, being the most notisable landmark in the newly founded capital, became a temple. The tower was redesigned and built into the current tower. Currently the actual tower part is used as an observatory, while the ground level has been expanded into a large temple area.   A common belief is that the tower has 2500 steps, but according to those who have counted, it's actually less. In any case, the tower is literally towering above anything else in the city. Because its hight it's located above all the lights of the city, an therefore an excellent location for astronomers, who are very important for the religion of the West Island. The tower can also be used to spy on people walking in the city center.


The remains as the tower was found was pretty unremarkable. It was basicly a fairly unremarkable roundish mound built from large stones. First it was hightened a bit using random stones found in the vicinity to function as a lighthouse. Later it was built by the finest stone workers of the empire. Despite that, it was made pretty hastily, and is not as remarkable as the greatest buildings on the mainland cities such as Silford, even though the West Islanders like to believe it is.   It has a circular staircase going inside it .


In the future the tower will be damaged again in the 800AH Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem. After driving away the Farens, the tower will be repurposed into a Zeribian palace.
by Louis Haghe (1846)
Sometime before 6th century, rebuilt in multiple phases and then damaged again in the revolution of 800AH
Founding Date
Parent Location

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This is my submission for Summer Camp 2020 prompt "Write about a building that has been reused and repurposed from its original design."


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1 Jul, 2020 19:50

A common belief is that the tower has 2500 steps, but according to those who have counted, it's actually less.
  I really like this inclusion - it just shows how human perception can be as much of a part of something as its actual physical traits. Good stuff :D

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