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The Wandering Toad tavern

The Wandering Toad is a tavern located in the Zeribian quarters of New Tower. It is cosy and pretty quiet. It is preferred by the Faren sailors and merchants that are closely associated with Zeribian customers. The Toad serves decent food and tea during the days. Most respectable Zeribians don't drink alcohol, but there are still plenty that come during the late hours. The Zeribian Censors, who are responsible for controlling the moral purity of the people, pop in occasionally to scare the customers and accuse them of drunkenness.   The tavern's name is a refrence to a popular Zeribian god Idûrfeš, who is the god of fresh water and fertility, usually depicted in a toad's form.   The Wandering Toad is the secret headquarters of a group of Zeribian revolutionists lead by Šiwke Kvešur, that meet there regularly to discuss their plans. They work under a secret identity of being a group studying the local dialect of Ngad i zerib (Zeribian language). The ruling nobility thinks this activity is pretty harmless, but unintresting. Up until this point no one has really been interested in learning the language, until Rowan happens to hear of the group decides to join.
Cafe / Tearoom
Parent Location
by piqsels
The Zeribian district is built on the coast of Lake Brass, on marshy terrain around the docks. Many houses are build on stilts, because the Lake Brass floods the coast for a part of the year. The houses are connected by bridges and people often go by in canooes.

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