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Çarimbal (New Tower)

Sama suomeksi täällä!   Çarimbal, or New Tower, is the capital of Republic of Free West Island. It is the largest city on West Island, located inland on the coast of Lake Brass. The city's most famous landmark is the The Tower that gives its name to the city. It's an observatorium and a temple, built on the ruins of an ancient structure.


The most of the inhabitants are Fareans. Their ancestors arrived from the mainland cities and countryside, and founded the republic. The city also has a large number of Zeribian inhabitants, but they are persecuted (for example, larger taxes), and are forced to live in the worse areas of the city around the docks, that are turning into slums because of all the new people moving in. Many Zeribians are also traders that are only visiting the city.


The rich West Islanders have stone houses that house only one family and their servants. The houses usually have a small garden. The commoners often live in houses with two or three stories that often have stores on the ground level.    

Districts of the city

Zeribian District: Stilted wooden houses, seasonally flooded
Slum district: poor and commoners
Upper district: Upper class West Islander families and some rich Zeribians and mainlanders. Located on a hill. Center: Public buildings such as temples and the senate. Only some important people holders live there. Temple gradens: Garden of rare plants and tree-covered plazas for resting and past time activities. Baths of Çarimbal are here.   The Grand Market is in between the docks and the city center.  

Zeribian district

The Zeribian District is built on marshy terrain on the coast of Lake Brass, around the docks of the city. It is mostly inhabited by Zeribians. They live in simple wooden houses raised on stilts. For most of the year the district is flooded. The houses are connected by bridges and people often go around by canooes. The district has the Zeribian Market, which is mostly frequented by the people from other coastal districts and Slum District. It's a good place to find fresh sea food and everyday tools.
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by Louis Haghe (1846)
Alternative Name(s)
Ngad i zerib: Redarš Arged 'Farean tower'
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