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Baths of Çarimbal

Going to the bathhouse is one of the most popular past times in Çarimbal (New Tower).  


The Bathhouse is located in the edge of the city centre, on the root of a hill that has upper class residences. The forested hill is a popular place to cool off in the summer. In the front of the bathhouse there is a busy square with merchants selling food and other products to the visitors. There was originally a large outdoor pool on the side of the bathhouse, but it has since been filled up, because the rainy and windy weather made it unpopular. Now the area serves as an exercise yard.  

Organisation and rules

The baths are open for all the citizens of the Republic, for a small fee. Older kids are also allowed if they know how to behave. Zeribians are usually only allowed in if they are higher classes, or accompanied by other citizens. Travellers are allowed if they are accompanied by citizens or look respectable enough.   The men and women bath in separate compartments. The baths are taken naked. Visitors can choose from various different baths: there are hot, warm and cool baths, as well as baths with various healing properties. With an extra fee the visitors can also reserve private rooms with private baths, massage or quiet space to spend time with friends or trade partners. Farens like to discuss business while bathing.   Bisexuality being the norm in Faren culture, the baths are also used as a place to check good-looking people, but having sex in the bathhouse is not appropriate.
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Bathing is an important custom in the Faren culture. They especially like to have long relaxing bathing experiences, including nice warm water and other activities such as massages. Farens don't like bathing or swimming in natural water.  

Similar landmarks

The baths of Çarimbal (New Tower) are a place of national pride for the Republic, but in fact the complex is very small and simple compared to the bathhouse in Fares (Silford) that is said to be like a small city by itself, and as ancient as the city.


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