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Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem

The Zeribian revolution happened in the early 9th century AH, when the oppressed Zeribian minority of West Island (Der Fem) rebelled against the ruling Faren government, and eventually managed to take over the island, and establish the Kingdom of Der Fem.  


Domestic policies

The Republic had strayed far from its democratic beginnings. To keep intact, the Republic enforced strict control on the citizens rights of gathering, speech and especially religion. Many Farens had long wished for a change towards more free environment.   The West Island made huge profit by regulating the trade between Easter Islands and the continent. The Zeribians were epecially hurt by heavy taxation, because trade was their main profession.

Zeribian political situation

The numbers of Zeribians had steadily increased, especially since the refugees arrived after the Crescent eruption. In the North Islet Zeribians were already the majority of the population. Despite that, they were officially foreigners and didn't have any political rights.
  The Zeribian leaders started to demand for more autonomy, and rights for free trade with the mainland.

The Republic's Response

The Republic was hostile towards Zeribians' demands and imposed even more regulations. The Zeribians in the New Tower are exiled or captured. Zeribians unite with the Faren revolutionist.


Uprising in North Islet

After months of futile protesting, Zeribian rebels take over North Islet in one night and slaughter most of the local leaders. Šamper Nezen is crowned King Ûšum Biz Xefkam Šamper Nezen before midday.  

Intermediate conflicts

The conflicts continue on many levels. Many Zeribians in Faren controlled area are exiled or killed, and they start to gather on North Islet. Other minor uprisings spark. Zeribians decide to advance, and siege Portsmouth. Farens are unable to drive off the superior Zeribian fleet. After a long siege they are forced to retreat back to the capital.  

Divided island 800-819

King Ûšum Biz Xefkam reigns a divided island with the Faren Republic. Zeribians struggle to establish local government, and new trade routes. Faren trade is stunned by Zeribian piracy.

the Battle for New Tower

King Ûšum Biz Xefkam dies 816 at the age of 52. Farens decide to take the change and chase away the mourning Zeribians. Battles rage long around New Tower and both sides suffer many casualties. The second king Šamper Hašmaq dies in battle 819 after reigning only a little over two years. The trone is taken by the vizier Ûzešŋadise-bargwel Šhiwke Gwelzuh who had already assumed command in the capital. He succeeds in forging alliance between competing Zeribian Great Houses, gaining enough forces to strike the deciding blow and drive the Farens off the city.
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Maintaining the power in the Republic and suppressing the Zeribian rebellion.
Political rights, end of oppression.


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