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The port city of Gaur is a located in the North-Western Der Fem.  


The town's name in Ngad i zerib (Zeribian language) is Gwarŋad Žanged 'the Toad Cape Port', gwar 'frog' being the source of the Nem (Faren language) name used for it. The city is presumably named after the Zeribian frog-depicted god Idûrfeš, whose grand temple is located in the city.


The town is mostly inhabited by Zeribians, and is the most prevalent Zeribian settlement on the West Island. The government of the Republic has been transferring Faren officials to the town to keep control.


The highest authority in the town is held by the Faren officials elected by the Capital, but most of the day-to-day business is handled by the Zeribian nobles running the Zeribian self-government. Disagreements between the governors and local leaders is a continuous source of conflict.


Gaur was founded as a trade center connectiong many original Native villages, that were located on the small islands adjecent to the coast. The small islands and shallow waters were ideal environment for the natives to practice their traditional fishing and small scale agriculture, but rather unwelcoming for the later Faren settlers. This lead to Gaur becoming the first town in Der Fem to have a remarkable Zeribian majority.   The town later became the center of the Zeribian independence movement that lead to the Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem. The leaders of the revolution, Šamper Nezen and Šiwke Gwelzuh (King), who later became the first kings of Der Fem were born in the city.


The Grand Temple of Idûrfeš (god) is located in Gaur, and is the most notable religious organisation of the city.
Alternative Name(s)
Nem: Gaurnad, Gaur Werweles 'Port of Gaur'. Also seen translated as Toad Cape.
Large town
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