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Idûrfeš (god)

Sama suomeksi täällä!

Idûrfeš is the Zeribian goddess of rain and fresh water. She is often represented as a mother-frog, who gives life to her innumerable young. She is a popular deity for the fishermen (e.g. the Boat-Dwellers of the Silver Stream) and farmers who live by flooding rivers, because their living depends on her yearly rejuvenating floods.    
By her blessing our catch is plentiful!
— A Fisherman


According to the Zeribian Myth of the Reborn Sun she brought an end to the First World, by drowning it in her tears, after the Sun God Usahdeg had promissed the humans to dry her marshes into farmland.  


River mud is commonly used to enhance fertility, because it's associated with Idûrfeš. Her most notable temple is located in Gaur and is the main temple of the city.

Divine Domains

Rain, flood, aquatic animals and fertility.   She shares the place as the main water god with Feren who is the God of Sea.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity


Morality & Philosophy

She is in theory a loving godess, but totally unpredictable and dangerous
Divine Classification


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