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Sayinyarr Highland

Sayinyarr (Nem (Faren language) for 'Two-teeth') is a highland region in the south-western Der Fem (West Island), named after it's highest peaks that loom over the landscape like two huge fangs.  

Surrounded by myths

Sayinyarr is a feared area. Many stories are told about travellers and traders that got lost in a fog in the mountains, or ambushed and violated by the outlaws.


The landscape of the region is split up by steep hills and valleys. The terrain is covered with forest, and it's rivers are steep and poorly suited for travel, but good sources of fresh water for travellers. The hills have cave systems that are supposed to work as bases of operation for local outlaw groups.   The area is separated from the mainland by the narrow Sayinyarr Strait. Historically it was often crossed by locals living in villages on the coast to trade with the mainlanders. Lately the trade has been inhibited by many forces. Outlaws, in princible the group known as the Third Cohort have made their home in the mountains. The Cohort robbing the villages and demanding tribute from them, causing whole villages to leave for safer areas. On the other hand the Republic has imposed strickter trade restrictions and trying to stop the direct trade between it's citizens and the mainland to stop smuggling and tax evation.


Because Sayinyarr is so sparsely inhabited, it has wild natural beauty that has become rare nearer to the island's capital Çarimbal (New Tower). Some young people from the cities travel to the outskirts of the region to seek the danger despite their parents' warnings. The older people still remember clearly the horrible stories told by the people fleeing from the region, but the younger generation has started to view them more like old-wives tales that are just made up to scare up kids.


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