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Dergun (Portsmouth)

A city on the mouth of the River Brass on Der Fem. In 790AH it's the port for Çarimbal (New Tower), but will later become the Zeribian capital.  
King of Der Fem receiving delegates from all over the known world
(From left: Ara, Caač, Faren and Zeribian from Moons)


Most of the citys inhabitants are Zeribian , although a significant portion of Farens are also present, including residents from the Faren era, as well as more recent immigrants.


The city is governed by the local nobility. The nobles own most of the assets and land around the city, and commoners respond to their own noble family.   All the officials are chosen by the heads of the noble families, but the rulers are useally the family leaders' relatives.   he mediator between the local administration and the higher administration is the vizier, Pal i fer ged 'The Lord of the Great House'. He supervises the offisers and the conduction of state projects in the province and city level.   The head of foreign affairs is the consul, Uglathdeg i sarq i vles 'the Seal Carrier of the State'. He is the country's public image abroad. In practice he is the equal of the vizier. After the switch away from kingdom, vizier and consul became the most powerful rulers of the state.

Industry & Trade

Dergun is in an important strategic location, because it's located in the coast, on the mouth of the River Brass, the main river on Der Fem.


During the People's Republic of Free West Island Dergun was the main port on the Western Island ( Der Fem), while the capital of the state was the New Tower further inland. After the Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem the Zeribians established their capital at Dergun, because they are more sea-oriented.


The center of the Faren era was focused around the docks. The new center, including the palaces and temples was built upstream from the old center.   The center is dominated by the Grand Temple of Usahdeg. To it's right, is the Temple of Idûrfeš. The court of the Sarcred Duels is right in front of the main temple. Noble residences are situated around the central temples, while common people live further away. A number of temples for the dozens of minor deities are located among the houses.   The noble recidences and temples are mostly built from precious stone blocks, while commoner houses are more often made from wood. Some of the oldest buildnings including the main temples seem to have reused stone from Faren public buildings.


  • Dergun temple district
Alternative Name(s)
NgZ: Dergun 'The Seat of the State';
Nem: Oswánne 'River's Root'
Around 150 000, when including the surrounding countryside
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