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Smuggler bases of Gaur

Many Smugglers and other kinds of outlaws have made their home around the labyrinthian web of small islands surrounding the town of Gaur.   The republic has been plagued by the smuggler problem for quite a long time. Gaur is a pretty remote part of the republic, and the governement officials find it hard to work there because the majority of the areas population is Zeribian, and they aren't very cooperative with the government's orders. Therefore the republic made a deal with the local Zeribian noble leaders, where the nobles promissed to get rid of the smugglers and pirates residing on the islands, in turn of more freedom for self-government.   At first the nobles sent a few very noticable fleets to clear the islands. They caught and decapitated a few leaders, burned the permanent constructions in the bases and confiscated some goods (without turning them to the republic of course). This had hardly any long-term effects. Some of the smugglers and pirates moved elsewhere, but many returned after a while, and were just as active, even though a bit more cautious after that.   The Nobles don't really care about clearing out the problem, the smuggling is a profitable business for them in the end. The Zeribians also make profit for selling protection for their trade partnerss travelling through the area. The situation is worse for the smaller business owners that can't afford a sufficient amount of warriors on board to scare the pirates away. This includes local fishermen, small-scale traders, and other business that is generally owned by non-noble Zeribians. They are quite unhappy with the deals the leading nobles are making with the Republic.
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some main locations of smuggler activity

Riŋad 'herb islet'
Gwelar 'the cut shoal'
Gahfem 'the border island'


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