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Third Cohort

The third cohort was a military unit serving the Republic of Free West Island in a campaign against Arensande (city state) (add conflict name) during the 700's AFS (some decades before present). After the end of the war, the Third Cohort went rouge, and has been causing destruction by various illegal activities ever since.   When the war ended the now unemployed cohort refused to return home, and went about raiding the countryside as they had used to during the conflict. After managing to hide from the authorities for decades and gather a substantial amount of wealth by robbing traders and travellers and threatening local villages, the remaining members turned into more subtle kind of criminal activities, such as smuggling. Their current exact operations are unknown. However, they are assumed to be responsible for many crimes whose actual perpetrators are left unknown.


The exact structure of the organisation is unknown, but they are assumed to have their members in all cities of the Republic.


The Third Cohord has at least historically had it's base of operations in the Sayinyarr Highland. The area is a mountaineous and sparsely inhabited region outside the reach of the authorities, but offers a good access to the continent over the Sayinyarr Strait.   The region gains it's name in Nem (Faren language) ('Two-teeth') from the main peaks of the highland, that are shaped like huge fangs.
Visited by the Third Cohort

The Third Cohort has become an almost mythical organisation blamed for all kinds of unsolved crimes. For example, if a shoe disappears without leaving a trace, the saying goes that the Third Cohord must have taken it.
Illicit, Other
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