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Rainforests of the Inner West Island


The Faren settlements of West Island are mostly located on the coast and around River Brass and Lake Brass, and it's tributaries. This area has been cleared for farmland. The Farens also mine on the inland hills. The most viable way of travel is by canoo, but the streams are small and don't really help travel between settlements on different coasts such as New Tower and Marsh Cape. Conserned by the growing Zeribian presence on Marsh Cape, Farens built a road to the settlement through the forest, which also spawned some villages on the way.  


The terrain is rough and hilly. Middle portinon of the mountains are covered by cloud forests, and the highes peaks have permanent snow. The climate is nearing the mediterranean climate of the continent. The summers are hot, but the winters can become suprisingly cold. Most of the inland is still in it's natural state of impassable rainforest. The area around Marsh Cape is wetland forest.  

Flora & Fauna

The nature of West Island is probably the most diverse of the Eastern Islands. The island is home to many of the tropical species found on the other islands, but, being separated by only a short distance, it also has many species native to the Southern Continent. Unlike the other islands, the fauna includes many mammalian predators like bears and forest cats. Many birds from the Southern parts of the continent come spend the winters on the island.       to be added: free to use pictures of local species
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