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Crescent (city state)

Crescent is the city state on the on the island of Crescent which is a part of the Eastern Islands.


Crescent is formally a kingdom, but in practice the highest power is held by the priesthood. Day-to-day matters are run by the Zeribian nobility.


Crescent had been uninhabitable for a century after the grand eruption, but people had been slowly returning to the island from elsewhere on the Moons The current city state was founded 847AH after a noble lord from Tyršan family found the sacret caves on the caldera.

Demography and Population

Almost all of the inhabitants of Crescent are Zeribians. The original Native population was destroyed by the eruption, and they never returned in significant numbers. Because Crescent is a religious center, they are reluctant to allow foreigners on the island.   There are approximately 4000 inhabitants in the city, 12 000 on the whole island. Around 6000 of them are slaves and foreigners, 6000 citizens and 600 nobles.


The Crescent is the religious capital for Zeribians. The city was formed around the discovery of the sacred caves, and religion is hugely important fctor in the overall politics of the city state. Despite formally being a kingdom, the priesthood holds the true power in the city state. Crescent is also very popular for religious turism, and it's temples gather hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year.   Even though all the inhabitants had to relocate after the 620 AH eruption and couldn't return for centuries, the religion of the current city state has gotten some influence from the culture on the island before the eruption.  

The Sacret Caves

The Sacret Caves are located on the caldera left behind by the devastating Eruption of 620, which blew away most of the old island. The caves stay submerged the most of the time, but the entrance is revealed by a low tide. The tunnels lead to the heart of the volcano, where religious seremonies are held. The most of the tunnels are airtight, and people can stay inside over the high tide.   The sacret caves can only be entered by the priesthood and high ranking nobles during special seremonies. To protect the caves, the whole caldera is forbidden zone for most people.

Agriculture & Industry

Crescent's main source of income is religious tourism. The city receives tens of thousands of visitors each year, that provide income for the local businesses, and also bring valuably gifts to the temples. Moons is also a traditional trade hotspot because it's located where the traderoutes cross both in North-South as well as West-East direction. The main source of local food is fishing. The soil is rich from volcanic ash, but the fertile area is very limited because most of the island is still rocked ashland. the population is sustained with grain brought from the other islands of the Moons or other areas such as Der Fem.
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