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Der Fem (country)

Der Fem is the city state governing the island of Der Fem and one of the most important political powers on the Eastern Islands.  
King of Der Fem receiving delegates from all over the known world
(From left: Ara, Caač, Faren and Zeribian from Moons)


Der Fem is an oligarchy that is lead by officers chosen form the nobility.   Being a large country containing multiple cities and towns, the government of Der Fem is divided into multiple levels of local and global administration. The mediator between the local administration and the higher administration is the vizier, Pal i fer ged 'The Lord of the Great House'. He supervises the offisers and the conduction of state projects in the province and city level.   The head of foreign affairs is the consul, Uglathdeg i sarq i vles 'the Seal Carrier of the State'. He is the country's public image abroad and in that way he is the equivalent of a king. In practice he is the equal of the vizier.   Historically the country was lead by a king, whose advicors the vizier and the consul used to be.


Before 800 AH Der Fem was officially known by the name West Island, and governed by the Republic of Free West Island which was founded 494 AH by the Faren settlers from the mainland. After years of oppression the Zeribian minority rose into revolution 800 AH and the war raged until 820.  

Republic of West Island

The republic was a focused on commerce and dominated the trade between Eastern Islands and the mainland. The population of Zeribians slowly grew larger, but they were denied the rights for citizenship. This was tolerated, until the Republic started to impose significantly harder taxation on the Zeribian traders. This was because the mainland Farens had found more profitable trade routes in the East after the establishment of the Mountain Kingdom. The heavy taxation and lack of rights lead into the Revolution, which ended up being a civil was many unsatisfied Farens also joined the rebels.  
Der Fem was founded after the 800AH Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem, when they conquered Der Fem from the People's Republic of Free West Island.

Demography and Population

Der Fem has a large minority of Westerners who are remnants of the People's Republic of Free West Island. They have largly been Zeribianised afterwards, and are culturally very distinct from the Westerners from the continent.   The Natives of the Eastern Islands are especially abundant in the forests of the inner island, and around North Islet.   There are Zeribians from all over the archipelago living on the island.
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Farean Era

... 799 AFS

  • 494 AFS

    Foundation of the Peoples Republic of Free West Island

    The permanent presence of Fareans on the West Island (Der Fem) is established, when the People's Republic is founded.

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  • 618 AFS

    623 AFS

    The Plague of the Black Years
    Plague / Epidemic

    The plague swept over all Salan and killed a huge number of global population. The plague started on the Eastern Islands and by 619AH it had reached at least Crescent. The mass flow of refugees after the Black Years following the Crescent Eruption played an inportant role in spreading the plague on the islands and the continent.   Koko Salanin laajuudelle levinnyt rutto joka tappoi merkittävän joukon väestöstä. Rutto alkoi itäsaarilta ja oli levinnyt 619 mennessä ainakin Kuille. Kuiden purkauksen jälkeinen Mustien Vuosien massaliikehdintä levitti ruton tehokkaasti ympäri Itäsaaria ja mantereelle.

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    619AH rutto
  • 764 AFS

    Šamper Nezen is born
    Life, Birth

    He will become the first King of Der Fem, Ûšum Biz Xefkam.   Hänestä on tuleva Der Femin ensimmäinen itäläinen kuningas, Ûšum Biz Xefkam, Itäläisen Vallankumouksen jälkeen.

  • 764 AFS

    Šhiwke Gvelzuh is Born
    Life, Birth

    He will become the third King of Der Fem   Hänestä on tuleva Der Femin kolmas kuningas

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  • 786 AFS

    Šamper Hašmaq is born
    Life, Birth

    He will become the second King of Der Fem, after his father Šamper Nezen.   Hänestä on tuleva Der Femin toinen kuningas isänsä Šamper Nezenin jälkeen.

  • 796 AFS

    Länsisaaren kuninkaan murha
    Life, Crime

    Länteläinen salaliitto murhaa Länsisaaren kuninkaan.

Zeribian Era

800 AFS and beyond

  • 800 AFS


    The Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem

    The Zeribians conquer the Der Fem from the The People's republic of Free West Island . The Zeribian Der Fem becomes the uncontested political leader of Eastern Islands.   Itäläiset saavat Der Femin saaren valtaansa siellä aiemmin hallinneilta länteläisiltä. Itäläisistä tulee kiistatta Itäsaarten merkittävin poliittinen mahti. Der Femin nousu itäläisten merkittävimmäksi asuinpaikaksi alkaa.

  • 800 AFS


    Ûšum Biz Xefkam Šamper Nezen ascends the throne
    Political event

    He becomes the first Zeribian king of Der Fem at the age of 36.   Ensimmäisenä itäläisenä 36 vuoden iässä.

  • 809 AFS

    Šamper Nezengad is born
    Life, Birth

    He is the son of Šamper Hašmaq, and will become the fourth King of Der Fem.   Hänestä on tuleva Der Femin neljäs kuningas Gvelzuhin jälkeen

  • 816 AFS

    King Ûšum Biz Xefkam Šamper Nezen dies
    Life, Death

    The first Zeribian king of Der Fem dies in the last months of the year. He was 52-years-old, and had reigned for 16 years.

  • 816 AFS

    Šamper Hašmaq ascends the throne
    Political event

    He is 28-years-old.

  • 819 AFS

    Šamper Hašmaq dies
    Life, Death

    The second king dies at 32-years-old, after having reigned only for a little over two years.   Der Femin toinen kuningas kuolee 32-vuotiaana hallittuaan vain hieman yli kaksi vuotta.

  • 820 AFS

    Ûzes'ngad-bargvel Šhiwke Gvelzuh ascends the throne
    Political event

    The vizir of the first two kings ascends becomes the king.   Kahden ensimmäisen kuninkaan visiiri nousee kuninkaaksi Šamper Hašmaqin kuoltua. Samalla on sattumalta kulunut 200 vuotta Kuiden purkauksesta. Jotkut pitävät yhteensattumaa enteellisenä.

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  • 843 AFS

    Uzes'ngad-bargvel Šiwke Gwelzuh the king of Der Fem dies
    Life, Death

    He was the vizier for 20 years and king for 23 years.   Kunnioitettavassa 79 vuoden iässä, hallittuaan visiirinä 20 vuotta ja kuninkaana 23 vuotta.

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  • 844 AFS

    Šamper Nezenŋad nousee valtaistuimelle
    Political event

    Hänestä tulee Der Femin neljäs kuningas 34 vuoden iässä.


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