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Crescent Shapeshifters

The Shapeshifters are a Zeribian cult worshipping Ingfahtar, and able to transform into animal form. They are often used as soldiers.


After the Crescent eruption 620AH the previous inhabitants was scattered around the islands. Many of them took a new name and became the Šiwke (Zeribian Great House). Remainings of the old priesthood stayed on the nearby islands.   At some point the sacred caves on Small Moon are discovered. The coven gains divine powers.   Later the House Tyršan finds out about the discovery. They found the new Crescent (city state). A new priesthood is set t control the powers.


The rites of the cult take place in the sacred underwater caves on Crescent. The waterlock tunnels circle under the sea into the hearth of the volcano, until they reach the God's nest. Only the initiates of the cult and high nobles are allowed to enter the caves.   What happens in the caves is not general knowledge, but the locals have seen and heard terrible beasts of many kinds transported to the caves and never out. It is believed that an offering must be made to the god, in order to gain the powers of transformation. Zeribian soldiers go through great hardship in orded to catch the wild beasts and transport them alive to the caves. The most sought-after form is the dragon, but it is very difficult to catch, because the beasts are furious and not even native to the islands.   Sacred rites (Only for the initiated!)
To gain the power of transmorfation, the cult follower must slaughter an offering of his patron animal, and mix it's blood with an offering of his own blood. They burn the blood offering and then inhale the sacred fumes to gain the powers.    


No everyone can gain the divine powers. Only people who have some connection to the Old Moons can shapeshift.

Granted Divine Powers

The cult followers can gain the power to take the form of a predefined animal. The powers are unpredictable and possibly dangerous. When they transform, they also lose a part of their humanity. They might be dangerous to their own side or themselves. Their powers are used for war and conquest involuntarily, which is mentally damaging.   The power gets weaker and more unpredictable over time, and need to be regained.
Religious, Coven
Related Ethnicities

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Cover image: by Photo by Belle Llido from Pexels

The Black Years

618 AFS 623 AFS

  • 618 AFS

    623 AFS

    The Plague of the Black Years
    Plague / Epidemic

    The plague swept over all Salan and killed a huge number of global population. The plague started on the Eastern Islands and by 619AH it had reached at least Crescent. The mass flow of refugees after the Black Years following the Crescent Eruption played an inportant role in spreading the plague on the islands and the continent.   Koko Salanin laajuudelle levinnyt rutto joka tappoi merkittävän joukon väestöstä. Rutto alkoi itäsaarilta ja oli levinnyt 619 mennessä ainakin Kuille. Kuiden purkauksen jälkeinen Mustien Vuosien massaliikehdintä levitti ruton tehokkaasti ympäri Itäsaaria ja mantereelle.

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    619AH rutto
  • 620 AFS

    622 AFS

    The Crescent Eruption
    Disaster / Destruction

    The volcano on Crescent erupts, destroying the island. All the surviving inhabitants become refugees.   Tulivuorenpurkaus joka jätti jälkeensä nykyisen Ison-Kuun ja Pienen-Kuun


Years of Chaos

623 AFS 846 AFS

  • 784 AFS

    Crescent caves are found
    Discovery, Exploration

    The Underwater caves on Crescent are discovered. The cult priests try to keep the find and their new powers secret.

  • 797 AFS

    The Crescent cult priests are seen entering the caves by Tyršan
    Religious event

    Locals faithful to Tyršan see the cult priest sneeking into the caves. The discovery is brought into the attention of the Great House.

  • 800 AFS

    Revolution of Der Fem

    The Zeribians rebel against the government of West Island. The Revolutionists take North Islet and found a Zeribian Kingdom of Der Fem. King Ûšum Biz Xefkam is crowned.


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