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Šiwke Kvešur

Father of Ûzeŋadise-bargwel Šiwke Gwelzuh the future High Vizier of Der Fem.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity


Accomplishments & Achievements

Kvešur is the family head of a wealthy Zeribian merchant family. He is not of noble descent, but because of his families wealth and success, he has become very influential. He is one of the leaders behind the Zeribian revolutionist forces. They are mostly formed from new merchant elite, that is dissatisfied with the deals between the traditionalist Zeribian nobles and the Republic of Free West Island.

Mental Trauma

His generation is slowly starting to forget the trauma that being refugeed during the The Black Years (Crescent Eruption) and the following persecution caused.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Like his son later, he is a great diplomat, prefering to control the things behind the scene rather than taking the power for himself.


Contacts & Relations

Kvešur is a leader of the group of Zeribian rebels that congregate in the The Wandering Toad tavern to discuss their secret plans. They work under the cover that they claim to be a circle studying the local Zeribian dialect and cultural heritage, which they know the current nobility is not interested in. The Wandering Toad is owned by Kvešur's cousin.

Family Ties

He is the founding patriach of his noble wamily, Šiwke, founded during the revolution.   Because of his influential status he manages to give his son pretty much a noble education, and he grows to be very close to Ûšum Biz Xefkam Šamper Nezen, who is later crowned the king.   The official story is, that his grandfather's great-grandfather was the last surviving brother of Šamžan Senet Xef, the crown prince of Moons. Verifying this story is impossible, because the successive generations went into hiding and concealed their heritadge because of the persecution they were facing.
Year of Birth
743 AFS
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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