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Deremhos Nemar

Deremhos Nemar, Deremhos the Younger, is a great hero of men and a blacksmith of the Highland Army in the Giant Wars. He is not to be confused with his grandfather, Deremhos the Elder, the creator of the Skyswords.  

Chains of Binding

Deremhos the Younger is known for being the creator of the Chains of binding. Deremhos was the blacksmith of the highland camp, when the god afawarsal revealed the instructions of creating the Chains to the sage Kauteirin. Deremhos then forged the chains according to his instructions. The Chains were used to bind and defeat the giants, turning the scales of the war to the win of the humans.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is a heavily bearded man, with a large stature. Like so many other great men of this early age, that descended from the slavery of the Giants, he probably had some giant blood in his veins.

Personality Characteristics


Deremhos was deeply motivated to destroy the Skyswords, to undue the evil that his grandfather's creation had brought to the world. However, he was forced to use his skysword during the war against his will. After the war ended, he immediately broke and buried the sword, so that no more death would be caused by it. However, so tales tell, that the shards surfaced yet again in the later times, and were once again forced into blades.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
c. 80 BFS
Aligned Organization


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