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Stonelords' Throne

Stonelord's Throne was the great capital of the Stone Giants in the end of the Time of Wander.

Appearances in the mythology

Stonelords' Throne was the first giant city, that the Wanderers came into contact after they arrived to the Farensal.

Hero and half-giant Daursan was once invited to the Throne, to meet with the council of the Stone Lords. There he was tempted by the giants, to submit under their rule and become their liutenant, but in the end Daursan refused and became a great hero of the men.  


The Throne was the northern capital of the giants, ruling over the coastal region of the Southern Continent. In the south were the other great cities: Ulum, Ardarta and Bonehold.   The exact location of the city is unknown, but it has been suggested, that its ruins are under the present day Isünókul. If this is the case, the upper city has been totally transformed by the newer structures, and the tunnels of the lower city have long since turned to ruin after the giants were driven away.  


The city was a great fortress in the mountains, bigger than any city of its time. The upper city was inhabited mostly by the human and half-giant subjects and slaves of the giants, who supplied the city with food and materials. It was a bustling center of trade, and people from all lands visited the place to see its wonders.
  Even greater were the endless tunnels under the city where the giants lived and worked. Especially in the later times the Lords, leaders of the race of the giants, were rarely seen on the surface. The lower city had the mines where the giants and their most unfortunate slaves mined. Above them where the forges, were the minerals were cast into deadly weapons and shiny armors of brass. These the giants used to arm the Highland Army fighting on their behalf.

The tunnels of the lower city reached far. It is told that the giants could use them to pass between their great cities never seeing the sun, thus avoiding the eyes of the Gods.  

Stone Lords

The Stone Lords were the great leaders of the stone giants. It seems that they formed a counsil of sort, that met to judge together somewhere in the Stonelords' Throne. It is not known how many Lords there were at any one time, or how they were chosen. The Lords were mentioned in many myths of the Time of Wander, sometimes specifically refrencing the great council, and sometimes the giant race more generally.

1st century AFS

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Kaiyámarrit Algar
Large city
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The demise of the city began with the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. The human slaves kept under the city fled in great numbers leaving destruction behind. They were armed with bronze, but even more importantly the Skyswords of greystone. With these weapons and the benefit of surprise, they were able to scare the giant masters away into their deep tunnels, and even kill many of them. This was a great humiliation for the giants, one from which their reputation never quite recovered.

After the rebellion, the power of the free human settlements grew, and even though the giants exercised their indirect rule on them, this time was marked by a more equal partnership with the giants. The giants themselves were afraid of the humans and stayed in hiding, while powerful half-giants ruled as their stewards above the ground.

At the end of the Time of Wander the Giant Wars broke out, and the leadership of the giants was dismissed permanently. Most half-giants, who had worked as the eyes and ears of the giants, were either killed, or assimilated into the human race. While the giants still had power in the mountains, their numbers grew fewer and fewer, and they were rarely seen except in the most remote parts of the mountains.


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