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Mandible was the herald of the Stone Lords in the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. He was the first giant killed with a Skysword by Undinselwin.   The Stone Lords who ruled the kingdoms of the giants were rarely seen, preferring to use subordinates to rule for them. Even the lesser giants rarely moved on the surface. But Mandible had his eyes and ears everywhere, in the loyal slaves who reported to him, and thus he heard of the plans of the rebels.  

Physical condition

His stone cold face was twisted into a grotesc grin, enraged by their treachery, and he towered high above them. But he came barely armed, trusting in his tough skin and the strenght of his arms.
Like all Stone Giants, Mandible's body was made of pure animated rock, that some magic had made flexible enough to move, but which was still hard as armor. Typically giants are descibed as roughly twice as tall as a man.  

Weapons & armor

Mandible wielded a mace. He wore no armor besides his tough skin.  
The greystone bit into the stony skin of Mandible like a knife through butter. But the giant barely felt the pain of his wounds, the humans were still merely an annoyance -if a painful annoyance, perhaps like a mosquito bite - and he was ready to crush them like the bugs they were.
  Only the strongest thrusts of sword could pierce the skin of the stone giants, but it did not protect them against the powers of Greystone. The Holders managed to wound him with their Skyswords, but it just made Mandible more angry, and he still didn't know what the true danger of the swords was.    


Undinselwin thrust his Skysword through his chest. Suddenly the soul that had bound the stones together into the mighty body was gone, devoured by the sword, and the giant crumbled into a lifeless pile of rocks on the floor of the tunnel. Other giants were horrified when they realised what had happened - that they were made mortal by this new weapon.
The giants were near immortal, because even if their bodies were killed, their souls could always mold a new body for themselves from the rocks of the earth. But there was no soul left - the Skysword had destroyed it permanently.   The other giants quickly retreated back to the shadows of their endless tunnel networks, because they did not dare to risk the same fate. After the leaders were gone, the half-giants and men loyal to the giants were easily defeated, and the slaves had cleared themselves a way to escape.
Date of Death
c. 200 BFS
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Undinselwin


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