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125 is one of the base numbers of the Nem numeral system, and is widely considered the perfectly beautiful number.  

Numeral system

The Nem numeral system is base five, and thus multiples of five are considered significant numbers. These numbers 5, 25 (5x5), 125 (5x25), 625 (5x125), and 15625 (25x625) have unique symbols. All the other numbers can be written by combining these symbols.
1, 5, 25, 125, 625, 15625
  In the short form, 125 can be written as >, resembling the Nemscript /a/, probably stemming from the name of the number, aige nailin (Nem 'broad count'). For example, 375 (3x125) is written as >>>.  


125 is considered especially good number for the amount of people in a large entity. There are 125 soldiers in each tribe of an army (see: Highland army soldier), and there are 125 senators of the high class and 125 senators of the low class in the Senate of Silford.   The other powers of five also occur commonly in the Faren culture. For example, in the mythology there were five Holders of the Skyswords (excluding the smith Deremhos the Elder), and it is said that there are marin (15625) stars in the sky.  

Numeral esthetics

An important part of the Faren mathematics is finding an esthetic presentation for the numeal values. Since Faren numerals are not a positional numeral system, that is, the symbols always have the same numeral value regardless of their order, the numeral symbols can be organised in any esthetically pleasing order.

The common principle, is that no symbol needs to be used more than five times, although they can be, if it produces a more harmonic result. The numbers should be written symmetrical if possible. The numeral signs should also be in a good proportion to each other. For example, multiple repeating signs should be smaller than one unique sign.
7 (5+2) is written inside the 125 symbol, in a symmetrical fashion
by Tuisku
The 125 symbol is formed by two symbols of 25 (^) united into a perfect diamond shape.


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Aug 7, 2023 02:33 by Deleyna Marr

You've gained a follower with this one! It is stunning that you are building this world in two languages at once. Your clear love for archaeology is evident, and this numbering system is stunningly beautiful. I love the idea that writing numbers could be done artistically. I think I may have read something else by you in a previous challenge, and this explanation of the numbers made me want to go back and find that. I failed, but only because my time for each article is limited. I will revisit this world and look forward to exploring it! Nice work.

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Thank you! :) I graduated from linguistics and ancient languages and cultures are definitely one of my main interests, which definitely shows in my world building! I hope you enjoy exploring my world!

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Aug 8, 2023 17:18 by Deleyna Marr

I'm looking forward to reading more! Once I get through the reading challenge in general!

Aug 30, 2023 16:50

I love the artistry of the notation, even if it does look impractical for performing calculations. Considering how many ways it is possible to arrange four identical symbols symmetrically, are there preferred configurations for those numbers that are sets of four? (That is--4, 20, 100, 500, 2500?)

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