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Ebzim tree

Ebzim tree, Ngad i zerib: 'smoke bark' is a rare species of tree, that is used by the Zeribians of Crescent Island for making strong cores for composite bows. It is known as such, because it survived the fires of the Crescent Eruption , but also because it has smoky grey bark.  


Similar types of good bow wood was known to exist on Crescent before, but they were thought to have gone exitinct in the Crescent Eruption, and their loss was greatly mourned by the bowmen. However, expeditions seeking to re-settle the main island after the catastrophe found, that the hardy wood had survived and was sprouting again among the ashes.  


The hardy wood is used to make strong cores for the best quality composite bows. Because the wood is so rare and slow-growing, only a few can ever afford bows made out of it.   The wood is also used to carve out flutes, and these instruments have strangy otherworldy wailing sound, as if the cries of the mourning people was heard in it. Usually when a bow is made, a flute is carved out of the same wood and given to the archer, so that they can remember the sorrow that the Eruption brought to the inhabitants of Crescent.  

Conservation status

Only a few trees survived the eruption, and the slow growing wood is unable to keep up with the demand of it. Regulations have been put in place to use the species safely. Cutting up the trees without permission is forbidden, and bows need to be reserved long in advance. Only a handful of master bowmakers are allowed to craft the bows out of the wood, in order to guarantee the best quality of the weapons that are sold out.
by Tuisku with Craiyon
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