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Šyruk {Crescent}

Crescent is the capital of Crescent (city state) and the only city on Crescent island.


4000 inhabitants in the city, 12 000 on the whole island. Around 6000 slaves and foreigners, 6000 citizens and 600 nobles.

Industry & Trade

Crescent's main source of income is religious tourism. The city receives tens of thousands of visitors each year, that provide income for the local businesses, and also bring valuably gifts to the temples. Moons is also a traditional trade hotspot because it's located where the traderoutes cross both in North-South as well as West-East direction.   The main source of local food is fishing. The soil is rich from volcanic ash, but the fertile area is very limited because most of the island is still rocked ashland. the population is sustained with grain brought from the other islands of the Moons or other areas such as Der Fem.


Part of Crecent's religious importance comes from it's history. It is not known when people first settled on the island, but in any case Old Moon (City state) was perhaps the most important city of the early Zeribian history. The area was profoundly devasted when the main island was destroyed in the 620 AH Crescent Eruption. The economy of the whole island chain was reduced to mere stopping point for rare trade ships for two centuries. After the discovery of the Caves, and the settlement of the new city state, the region has regained it's importance.   The ruins of the old city lie half-buried by ash in the hills. The site is a popular pilgrimage site. Selling pieces of the original architecture as souvenirs to visitors a good source of income for the locals.
Alternative Name(s)
NgZ: Šyruk
Large city
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