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Citizen of West Island

The Citizen of the Republic of Free West Island.   The first citizens were the Farens that came from the mainland and founded the republic. They were from various backgroungs and different cities, including traders who wanted to benefit from the trade with Zeribians and farmers who were encouraged to tame the fertile landscape. Many were also political refugees who had got into trouble in their home cities. First it was easy to get the citizenship, because the republic wanted to encourage people to move in, but later, after they reached a self sufficient population, they've become more restrictive.   A citizenship is usually gained by being the child of at least one reputable citizen. In case not both parents are citizens the family needs to have a permanent residence and job on the West Island. In other cases the citizenship can be gained by being a remarkable inhabitant. This is easier for people who have citizenship in other city states the goverment happens to like (mainly mainland Faren).   The Zeribians are often excluded from the citizenship, and are considered foreign even when they have been born and raised within the borders of the Republic. One reason for this is the Zeribians different lifestyle: instead of living permanently in local villages, many of them travel a lot, and they usually marry outside the local community with the "foreign" Zeribians on the Eastern Islands. Another, and more important, reason is that the Republic wants to monopolize the trade between the mainland and the Zeribian islands.  

The benefits

ability to vote on local and national elections
Eligibility to work in the government and other important professions The children are granted the citizenship too
Lighter taxation compared to the foreigners
Easier to buy land
Civic, Citizenship
Related Locations
Related Organizations

This is my submission for Summer Camp 2020 prompt "Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world."


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