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A Copy of Ungugrišum Biziz

Ungugrišum Biziz (What the Gods are Revealing) is a rare book, held in the library of the The old tower of New Tower at New Tower. It is a collection of Zeribian myths and religious writings. The copy was written in the 600s, making it almost 200 years old. It is one of the primary sources in the teaching Zeribian culture studies by the Republic of Free West Island.   The first versions recognisably part of this tradition were written down in the 500's AH by Zeribians priests and intellectuels, after the Zeribians adopted writing from the West Islanders. At first the motivation was to preserve the important teachings with the new technology. However, the most of the copies of the cycle made were destroyed in the late 600's by the Censors of the Zeribian priesthood. While the literacy had become more commonplace, new sects were forming around the texts and the priesthood started to fear they might lose the control of the religious matters. Some of the old versions also reflected ideas that had been later anounced to be heretical. At present censors are keeping an eye out any new books written, and make sure they follow their currently supported views.  


The book is a Zeribian style paper folding book. The back folds contain columns of writing in Ngad i zerib (Zeribian language) , which is the main text of the book. The front folds have painings of mythological and ritual subjects. Some pictures are accompanied by short explanatory texts. Overlaying the original content are some notes made by the scholars in West Island Nem.
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