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Alte Silmim Tingim

The Lord of Night and Day is the principle deity of the Sun Cult. They are worshipped primary in the Republic of Free West Island. Their high priest is the Religious Leader (name to be determined). They are sometimes connected to Tinku, an Ara sun god, as well as Usahdeg (god), a popular Zeribian sun god.

Divine Domains

They are an all-encompassing god of dualities. Both man and a woman, Mother and Father. God of Night and Day, of Life and eventually Death. They are the God of Many Names, and no name.

Tenets of Faith

While the Sun Cult is not quite monotheistic, they promote the devotion to the one True manifestation of the Divine, over all the smaller gods. All the citizens of the Republic are mandated to pay their respects to the state god, except the Zeribians that are partially exempt by the self-governance act detailed in the Gwarngad Stele.


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