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Haššiw is a Zeribian good of moon and commerce. They represent the dualism of the moon's black and white phases, and the dualities in humans, like male-female and noble-commoner.   They are one of the most popular deities of the Zeribian pantheon, and especially revered as their patron deity by the third gender Šyrzir (Zeribian 3rd gender).

Divine Domains

Haššiw is the god of the moon, and because of the association between the shape of the crescent moon and a canoo, also the protector of sailors. They are the god of moonlight and shade, and can guide a safe travel uninterrupted by criminals or other unwanted attention.   He is also the protector of commerce for multiple reasons. First of all the Zeribian traders travel primary on water. Secondly the moon symbolism was also associated to the Silver Crescent coinage from Crescent (city state), which has become a popular souveneir and protective amulet of traders.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The common symbol of Haššiw is the crescent moon, that is perceived by the Zeribians as a heavenly canoo. Silver Crescents, the coinage of Crescent (city state), are popularly offered for Haššiw, even though the crescent symbolism there originated separatelyfrom the island's crescent shape.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

non-binary (šyrzir)


Family Ties

They are the adoptive god parent of Ximret the Impaled, whom they saved after he was impaled on a stake for disrespecting a Lord.
Divine Classification

Character Portrait image: by Borgia Codex (unknown precolonial artist)


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