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Pack goats

The Goats are the main animal-based system for transporting goods on Salan, either by carrying on their backs, or pulling carts. While the ships are the main method for transporting large quantities of cargo along the coast or in the river valleys of Farensal, the goats are especially essential in the Serme Mountains and in the countryside further away from the main waterways.  

General properties

Good pack goats can easily carry up to third of their body weight, and pull even more on a well-kept road. As browsing animals goats don't need to be fed during travel, but they can feed while on the move.Goats are naturally herd animals, so they tend to follow their herd and humans even when not on leash. A good herding dog is still essential for keeping pack goats from disappearing.  

Choosing a good pack goat

Best packgoats are usually castrated bucks. They are commonly larger than the females, and are much better behaved than the intact males. Nannies can make pack goats too, with the added benefit of producing fresh milk. Pack goats are not a specific breed, rather any large breed is usually good.  

Inner mechanics

Armor and defense

Goats are usually equiped with sharp horns for defense, and four swift feet. Large herding dogs should be used for guarding the goats, so that they can scare away even wolves or lions

Communication Tools & Systems

Goats can be surprisingly expressive with their vocalisations, and can learn to understand simple commands - and might even care to obey them sometimes.


Goats have specialised elongated pupils for eccelent field of view and good depth perception for travel in complicated terrain.

Hangars & docked vessels

A goat can be attached to a simple carriage, and the larger breeds are even suitable for the sport of goat racing.
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