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Lover's bond

Lover's bond, Nem faidinseińi, is a common wild vine and an ornamental plant, that grows in the woods of Farensal.  


The plant grows in long, curvy vines with relatively hardy stems, and large green leaves. The leaves are toxic, and avoided by most animals. Around the midsummer, the plant fills with beautiful small fowers, which is the optimal time to harvest it for decorative purposes. Later in the autumn small seeds develop from the flowers.  

Symbol of love

In the Faren culture the green colour is the symbol of love, because it is the colour of the verdant plants associated with fertility. Green plants are a common wedding gift, and creeping plants are commonly used as wedding decorations. In the art, couples are often encircled or tied together by vines.  

Medical use

The seeds of the plant have narcotic properties. They are sometimes harvested for use as sedative and painkiller. The seeds are usually harvested from wild plants, ground up and then mixed into an infusion to be digested, or a salve to use externally.   The plant has also gained some popularity as an ingredient in aphrodisiacs, although the idea seems to stem more from the plant's name, rather than any demonstrable effect the plant can cause.
by Tuisku (J.D. Beazley & Vassil, photos)
Kauteirin meets Farinwél in a forest.
  Kauteirin is foraging, while Farinwél is hunting. Kauteirin covers his face to conseal his gender. The vines encircling them is a common symbol of love in the Faren art.
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