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Welcome to the Culture Portal!

This is home to all the culture articles of Salan. Here you can get to know the ethnicities inhabiting the world, or explore generic culture topics further down.

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Peoples of Salan

by Tuisku


Farens are the most populous people of the Continent. They believe that personal freedom and democracy will lead to the greatest scientific advancements.

They were the first people to invent writing which spread their influence over the whole continent.

Faren are known for their relationship with the Táldar, spirits of the dead that live with them.
by Tuisku
by Tuisku


Zeribians are a seafaring people from the tropical Eastern Islands. They never venture far from the sea, and often feel uncomfortable in the crammed cities of the mainland.

They love tradition and order, and gained their wealth from trade. Their culture is known to be strictly hierarchical and divided into castes, and they often follow strict purity laws to gain the favour of their gods.
by Tuisku
by photo by Shonagon


Tašals live from the North Ocean that surrounds their home peninsula. They are capable traders, that have established trade routes and trading colonies all over the coast of Farensal as well as to the unknown eastern lands. The force of their navy is also feared.

Languages of Salan:

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The Ara people are the goat herders of from the Serme Mountains. They like dressing in red, and singing hymns to their gods in their temples reaching towards the skies. Their lords are famous for the dragons they have tamed.


Saial people living among the Ara are the masters of textile production. Even though they have been pushed into the marginal, many of the defining features of the Ara culture are in fact borrowed from them.


The Caač people are hunter-gatherers from the hostile wastelands of the Pillar Mountains and Irin i heš.

They are masters of rare poisons and medicinal plants, and are known for their skill with the sling. Many of them have been enslaved by the Zeribians.

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